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Award-Winning Special Effects
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Special Effects Production

People love special effects videos! Hockwood loves making it for them.

Meet Dubai’s full-service special effects production company that can push your business ahead. Our highly experienced team are the best at what they do.

Taking your video from concept to production to delivery. We understand how to make an impact. Whether they are corporate or commercial, we are one of the best Visual Effect Companies in Dubai to deliver you the best.

What we bring to you:

⦁ An award-winning team of videographers
⦁ Industry experience in working with small to big brands
⦁ Knowledge and hands-on skills to plan, organize and execute
⦁ Creative ideas that work the best for your business
⦁ Clear pricing, simple and fast process
⦁ 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We Cover Both iOS and Android Platforms

Creativity Designs

All of the team members in our special effects production company in Dubai are hired following a careful background check, and we only bring in the best designers. So, you can contact us with your ideas, and we’ll do everything possible to make them a reality.

Convey Your Message

Whether you own a restaurant, bar, hospital, salon, or any other business, you would undoubtedly want something to attract customers and express your message to them. It is an efficient use of the special effect. Hire Hockwood Special Effects Production Dubai for the one and check the difference yourself.

Expert Designers

When creating special effects for photographs, movies, and more, we consider several elements. Plus, our team is attentive to the little things, such as font size and its impact at least 100 feet away.



⦁ Determine business goals, objectives,  and budget 

⦁ Brainstorm ideas or concepts 

⦁ Propose a plan and project timeline 

⦁ Storyboarding
⦁ Video script creation
⦁ Voice over artists hired, if needed

⦁ Makeup artists and wardrobe consultations, if needed

⦁ Production equipment preparation 

⦁ Schedule site visits and book the shoot location.


⦁ Transporting to the location

⦁ Setting the equipment and /props

⦁ Checking the lights and sound

⦁ Directing and shooting the A-roll

⦁ Shooting B-roll, if needed

⦁ Recording voiceovers,  if needed  



⦁ The video is edited as per the original plan 

⦁ Graphics and animations are added 

⦁ Background score 

⦁ Content reviews
⦁ Encoded into different file formats 

⦁ Final delivery 

Frequently Asked Questions

⦁ Create buzz and introduce your product before it is finished.
⦁ Emotional and visual stimulation improve information recall
⦁ Polish your video production with error removal
⦁ Brand identity reinforcement through visual effects

It depends! The cost may differ depending on various factors, including- –

⦁ Location
⦁ Animation and rigging
⦁ Trained artists
⦁ Camera and lighting sets
⦁ Time
⦁ And more!

Contact us to get an exact quote today!

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