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Any Media production company or Video production agency UAE works on the process of producing video content for television, social media, and corporate promotions, commercial or other media-related fields. A Film production company, on the other hand, is exclusively dedicated to producing for cinema or television.

HOCKWOOD is a Film Production company in Dubai that works with a professional team and full-fledged infrastructure to meet any kind of video content production requirements. We have experience in creating films of multiple genres and formats. We will take care of your film-making process, end-to-end, as per your strategy and requirements. With every project we aim towards perfection, and we get better with every project, at what we do.

Standing among the best film production companies in Dubai, we dedicate all our efforts to create epic films that stand out in terms of both creativity and technology. We hold years of expertise in production facilitation. Beginning right from story development, to post-production and final delivery, HOCKWOOD caters to all the needs involved in producing a film.

As one of the Top Video Production Companies in the United Arab Emirates, HOCKWOOD is a team of passionate and devoted film makers, who not only have the talent, but also the skills and experience required to get your work done on-point, on-time. We create films that connect and engage with the audience via strong narratives and pleasing aesthetics.

Film Distribution Services

Film distribution is basically the process wherein creative create a movie available for viewing to an audience. Film distribution is ideally the job of a professional film distributor and producer agency, that would determine the marketing strategy for the film, the media by which a film is to be exhibited or made available for viewing by the audience, and how the release date and other matters may be set and managed. You can exhibit your film directly to the public either by means of movie theatres or television or personal-home viewing. Locating the best Movie Distributors in Dubai is not a hassle anymore.

Distribution is one of the most integral parts of film-making. It comprises of the business-making aspect of the films. As the content distribution company in Dubai, HOCKWOODdoes it all. Distribution is all about how the film producers and financers can get back returns from the investment in the films. The final stage of film-making is the film distribution stage. After all your pre-production, production, and post-production tasks are over, then is the time to begin you’re your distribution activities.

A Film Distributor is usually a person or an agency who is responsible for the marketing a film. Your distributor is the one who distributes your film via the movie theatres after the post-production proceedings are done with. Film distribution rights are the rights to market a film to multiple distribution channels that include theatres, DVD/ Blu-ray, video on demand, cable, broadcast, etc. Rights assigned or licensed to a distributor may be restricted to particular channels, geographic areas, or timeframes. If you have any requirement for Content Distribution in Dubai, HOCKWOOD is your best choice!

HOCKWOOD is the best Film Content Distribution Company in Dubai that has been distributing films and movies on the big screen since more than 5 years now. We have a team with vast understanding of and experience in what works and what does not, in a wide variety of markets. We enable effective distribution and sub-distribution with a well-knit network and seamless communication.

Beginning from acquiring lead rights to show a film, releasing & sustaining films in the market, marketing and releasing films, to making and distributing prints/files to cinemas, making and distributing DVD/Blu-Ray to stores HOCKWOOD is the top Film Content Distribution Company in UAE that takes care of it all.

Our Content Acquisition & Distribution Services
⦁ Acquisition services for multiple media rights of films, TV programs, Animation, etc. in Hindi, English & other regional Languages.
⦁ Catalogue of titles for use in difficult Physical and Digital/ Non-Physical formats.
⦁ CD, VCD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Multimedia Chips, Storage Devices and other video formats.
⦁ Satellite Broadcasting, Terrestrial Broadcasting, Cable TV, Internet, Mobile, IPTV, VOD, etc.

Post Production Studio Services

HOCKWOODis a post-production company in Dubai that has created thousands of successful edits for all our customers till date, in a wide variety of genres. Beginning from documentaries to sport events coverage to different kinds of social media edits along with VR and 360-degree videos.

Our Post Production Studio Services
Colour Grading-
We try to give your project a colour-grading scheme that set you apart in terms of the overall feel and style. Colours play a huge role in evoking the right emotions.
⦁ Motion Graphics-
HOCKWOOD is a top post-production company Dubai that helps you communicate your message and story with advanced motion graphics design and animation services.
⦁ Distribution-
In terms of distributing and broadcasting your content, we take care of that too based on your specific requirements determined by the genre and topic of your video content.
⦁ Virtual Reality-
We also hold proven years of experience in editing, grading, colour correction, 3Ddesign, and VFX. You can also avail advanced services like 3D Audio Mastering, Multi-track Editing& Mix-down from the best film post production company in Dubai, HOCKWOOD.
⦁ Music & Sound Design-
Our post production studio services in Dubai also include dialogue editing, movie sound effects, music editing, and more.
⦁ Voiceover Production-
We have a team of talented voice artists who can cater to the specific requirements of your project. We offer voiceover production in multiple languages to offer services in all genres of film-making in Dubai.
⦁ CGI & Compositing-
Known to have the best post production studio, at HOCKWOOD, we have experts who can create realistic 3D elements by modelling, giving your elements just the right look, and feel, with additional intricate textures, and the right lighting. We animate the CGI elements by animating these elements.

Line Production Services

Line Production is that aspect of filmmaking that requires knowledge, expertise, experience, and skill. Keeping all the aspects of film content creation in mind, HOCKWOOD stands among the best Line Production companies in UAE, ensuring intricate planning and seamless execution.
Every vision and idea about content creation needs the right pillar of support which is the right line production team. As the Top Line Production Agency in Dubai, our Line Production team works closely with the creative team to plan, organise, and schedule shoots, determine expenses, assemble staff, and more. As a trusted Line Production Agency Dubai, we pull all the stops to ensure a successful execution of your filmmaking project. HOCKWOOD offers line production services for all formats of films across the UAE.
Beginning from the development stage, as the best Line Production company, our team of line producers stay all through the production journey, from the beginning, till the end. We ensure that all the work is completed within the scheduled timelines to ensure on-time delivery of your project. Based on the script, we will estimate a well-devised budget for your project, we will then scout locations, hire crew, take care of casting, and get the required permits to start filming. We customize every detail as per your choices, preferences, and requirements.
We have an extremely competent team of production liners who have proven experience in managing line production for all genres of films produced in Dubai. Getting permits for several locations in Dubai can be very difficult and time-consuming sometimes, but as a reputed Line Production company in Dubai, HOCKWOOD has several reliable connections, that we can utilise to get your work done. Our leaders have built goodwill with the Dubai Film & Television Commission (DFTC). Hence, we can get the permits within the shortest span of time.
Our Line Production Services:
⦁ Location Scouting
⦁ Acquiring Filming Permits
⦁ Hiring Film Crew
⦁ Casting
⦁ Hiring Camera & equipment
⦁ Post Production Services

Videography and Photography

Video content is highly in trend in the current digital world. Videos communicate information more accurately, intuitively, and practically. Drones being used in cinematography are becoming increasingly popular. More dominantly, Drone cinematography for movies in Dubai has become highly popular. Aerial photography and underwater photography are experiencing a new wave of precision and excellence owing to the drones. Since drones do not interfere with signals of other drones, you can use multiple drones at the same time to shoot a single scene or view. Several organisations are hiring Aerial videography services in Dubai to cater to their shooting needs. Drones are lightweight and can capture pictures and videos from all different angles while giving you the advantage of high-resolution photos and videos.
The times when camera operators had to be hired for taking shots from different angles are gone. Drones have just made the lives of video producers and directors easier. Drones not only deliver excellent quality for photos and videos, but it also reduces your need for workforce. Drone Aerial Photography and Videography is the way to go in the current world of film-making and advertisement!
Aerial videography helps convert your creative vision. At HOCKWOOD, as a trusted Aerial Filming Company in Dubai, we provide safe, reliable, advanced, creative, and professional drone videography and photography services and highly reasonable costs.
We have a team of intuitively creative minds who have years of experience and expertise in latest technological mapping, aerial filming, drone surveying, photogrammetry, and more, that provides Drone cinematography for movies in UAE. We have drone pilots who have been professionally trained for safety management during the shooting process.
By providing the best aerial photography services, the experts at HOCKWOOD add a whole new dimension to your aerial videography or photography project. With the use of advanced drones, we eliminate the human risk involved in climbing hazardous structures, and enable access to such inaccessible areas for aerial photography, inspection, and videography, in terms of Aerial Cinematography Dubai.These droneshelp us access structures safely and quickly, without disrupting the operations of the plant/area/location. If you are looking for Drone photography & corporate film video production services in Dubai, HOCKWOOD is just one click away.

Best Film Location Scouting

Top Film Location Scouting Services in Dubai

Location scouting involves looking for and locating real places or real-life locations to serve as the fictional locations that are mentioned and described in the screenplay of a film. In filmmaking, the right location supports the narrative and helps to create a believable world for the audience. You can hire the best Film Location Scouting Services in Dubai to get the right locations for shooting your scenes. As a trusted provider for Film Location Scouting Services in Dubai, HOCKWOOD finds the best and the right places for shooting commercials, television shows, movies, and more.
As the best Film Location Scouting Management Company, HOCKWOOD takes pride to have earned a position and recognition among the top providers of Film location scouting in Dubai. We have an efficient team of location managers and location scouting experts who have unrivalled experience in organising, and producing shoots in Dubai. Beginning from Location Scouting for TV Commercials in Dubai to Film location scouting in UAE to Location Scouting for Ad Films, HOCKWOOD does it all!
It is a well-known that UAE has a plenty of locations for shooting. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two of the most advanced and lavish cities, with the tallest building and the biggest man-made island in the world. While the modern aspects of the UAE are something film-makers can definitely cherish and embrace, what is also amazing is the old where the ancient streets and souks bring ample opportunities for discovery, giving you a taste of the nostalgic old charm of Arabia.
The coastline is the Gulf’s Riviera and the rocky-mountains and the rivers towards the north of Dubai give you an amazing winding terrain that is perfect for shooting any automobile or car ad film. There are also several landscape parks in the UAE creating green spaces for residents. Besides the modern city aside, you will also find desert sand dunes.
Factors we consider while choosing the right locationsfor your film:

⦁ Aesthetics – We try to determine whether the location matches the director’s vision and the description in the script.

⦁ Distance – We determines how far the location is from the main film office to assess how feasible it would be to transport cast, crew, and equipment there for shooting.

⦁ Permission – We contact the owner of the property and acquire permission for you to film there. If the location is on city, county, state, or federal property, there are permit applications that will need to be completed and reviewed, and we take care of that.

⦁ Budget – We keep your film budget in mind when we choose the locations. With more than one location to shoot in, we have to determine if there are fees to be paid for any specific locations and how much each location fee will cost you. If there is a location that costs more than the budget you have fixed, we try our best to negotiate with the location owner, to make your shoot happen.

⦁ Logistics – For every location, we consider the logistics of filming there. The specifics take into consideration include minor yet important factors like parking, cell reception, electrical power sources, space for craft services, and bathrooms.
⦁ Environment – Lighting plays a huge role in how your shoot at a specific location turns out to be. Hence, our team makes sure to examine the natural light and the interior light to include in our scout notes. We check whether there is an ambient sound that could interfere with recording sound while shooting, and we also note the general climate of the area to help you took necessary precautions before you begin to shoot.

we will provide you with the exact quote per the checklist

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